Domestic Violence Specialist Children’s Service

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By creating age-appropriate and gender-based family and domestic violence critical interventions and youth informed services, the Domestic Violence Specialist Children’s Service is designed to break the inter-generationally embedded cycle of violence with the next generation of young people so that their children are born into families where the safety and respect of all members of the family are prioritised.

For those Aboriginal young people whose lives have been or are being affected by domestic and family violence and who have been referred to our service, we aim to:

  • Enhance their awareness and understanding of the dynamics of domestic and family violence and its impacts
  • Encourage them to develop their communication and relationships skills so as to be able to engage in positive, respectful relationships free of domestic and family violence
  • Strengthen their capacity to shape their own futures and open the way to safe, non-violent and enjoyable relationships
  • Strengthen their capacity to improve their wellbeing and safety, including the safety and wellbeing of others

The Domestic Violence Specialist Children’s Service provides the following specialist client services:

  • One to one support sessions exploring the impacts and prevention of Domestic and Family Violence
  • Group sessions where appropriate, including Early Intervention Specialist Programs in collaboration with schools and community centres
  • Individual Case Management
  • Advocacy
  • Individual support in the context of the family
  • Referrals to external service providers, as appropriate
  • Trauma informed and culturally safe therapeutic support

For further information please contact the Tangentyere Family Violence Prevention Program on (08) 8952 1430, and ask to speak with the Domestic Violence Specialist Children’s Service Team. 

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