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Girls Can Boys Can

Girls Can Boys Can:

Funded by the Safe, Respected, Free from Violence Prevention Grants (Northern Territory Government) Department of Territory Families, a partnership between the Tangentyere Family Violence Prevention Program (TFVPP) and the Larapinta Child and Family Centre (LCFC) was formed to develop a project called “Girls Can Boys Can Project”. Using the education expertise of the team at Larapinta Child and Family Centre and the culturally safe primary prevention of violence expertise of Tangentyere Council, the “Girls Can Boys Can Project” is working with parents, carers, educators and children to create messages for books, clothing, posters and toys that show the healthy, fun, equal and respectful relationships between girls and boys, along with the strengths of Aboriginal children, families and communities.

Research from Our Watch (Changing the Picture) tells us that women are more likely to experience domestic, family, and sexual violence in their lifetime than men. Violence against women occurs in society and in relationships where women and men ARE NOT EQUAL. When women also experience racism, this increases their risk of experiencing violence.

This research also tells us that violence against women is preventable. The evidence is that gender inequality, rigid gender stereotypes and the ongoing effects and impacts of colonisation are key drivers of Family, domestic and sexual violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

To stop violence before it begins, children need to see and hear gender equal messages and see and hear respectful relationships between girls and boys, and women and men. As adults, learning and becoming more conscious of the hidden “curriculum” of gender inequality that we are “teaching” and “demonstrating” to children will assist in future generations addressing this key driver of violence against women. 

In December 2021, the Tangentyere Family Violence Prevention Program and Larapinta Child and Family Centre will launch a Toolkit (online and physical) to share “Girls Can Boys Can” resources, merchandise, lesson plans, training opportunities and research findings of this project with educators, parents and communities of the Northern Territory.