Mums Can, Dads Can Project

Mums And Dads Can Be Equal

The Mums Can, Dads Can Project is a family, domestic and sexual violence primary prevention pilot project being developed by Town Camp community members and is being delivered in Alice Springs. The Mums Can, Dads Can Project aims to challenge rigid gender stereotypes regarding the roles of men and women in regards to parenting and will build on the work that is currently being carried out by the Tangentyere Family Violence Prevention Program (TFVPP).

National and International evidence demonstrates that gender inequality and rigid gender stereotypes are a significant predictor of violence against women. Gendered violence is a serious issue in Australia and there is no doubt that children are being exposed to violence and that stereotypes are being reinforced. It is understood that parents have a large influence on the gender role socialisation of their children and it is hoped that the Mums Can, Dads Can Project will influence parents in their modelling of the next generation of parents. 

The Mums Can, Dads Can Project is working with community members to identify unhelpful stereotypes and is developing and promoting key alternative messages that are culturally appropriate and that truly resonate with the Alice Springs Town Camps communities.  

The Mums Can, Dads Can Project is strength based, fun and enjoyable, and builds on community strengths. It is sending a powerful message to community members about gender stereotypes particularly in the context of mothers and fathers. 

Resources are being developed throughout the project and they will be available for download on this website.

If you have any questions, please contact the Tangentyere Family Violence Prevention Program.

Posters to download:

0 18 Page Poster Pack Mums Can Dads Can

1 Dads Can Be Gentle

2 Mums Can Be Strong

3 Dads Can Take Kids To School

4 Mums Can Play Footie

5 Dads Can Share Stories

6 Mums Can Chill With Friends

7 Dads Can Collect Bush Tucker

8 Mums Can Go Hunting

9 Dads Can Have Fun With Kids

10 Mums Can Have Fun With Kids

11 Dads Can Make Cakes

12 Mums Can Mow Lawns

13 Dads Can Make School Lunches

14 Mums Can Be Town Camp Presidents

15 Dads Can Play Games With Kids

16 Mums Can Have Fun

17 Dads Can Make Dinner

18 Mums Can Garden

Dads Can Be Gentle
Mums Can Be Strong
Dads Can Dance
Mums Can Kick A Footy
Dads Can Take Kids To School
Mums Can Relax
Dads Can Have Fun With Kids
Mums Can Have Fun With Kids